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The world was made before the English lanuage and seemingly upon a different design. - Robert Louis Stevenson

The following is a listing of newspapers and magazines from and about Russia and other countries of the NIS. These mostly deal with the everyday news of Russia including politics, business, culture, local events, entertainment, etc.


  • AIF Udmurtii *

    This local newspaper site focuses on a variety of local news for Udmurtia region news plus national and international news.

  • Molodoy On-Line *

    This electronic version of Russian newspaper "Molodoy Weekly", is available in Russian only. Topics covered include entertainment reviews, sports, meetings and more.

  • Uralsky Rabochy on Web! *

    This daily regional newspaper of Swerdlowsk, Yekaterinburg (Ekaterinburg), Ural contains a large amount of news covering various areas.

  • Vladivostok News *

    Vladivostok's first English-language newspaper. Their focus is on news, business and local information.

  • The Moscow Times *

    This sister newspaper to The St. Petersburg Times provides a wealth of local, national and international news.

  • The St. Petersburg Times *

    This award winning site for this newspaper provides a variety of information about what's going on in the city including top stories, business, politics, opinions, entertainment news, classifieds, and more. Be sure to visit their archives and their sister newspaper, The Moscow Times.

  • Komsomolskaya Pravda - Rostov *

    This online newspaper is from the city of Rostov-On-Don.

  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta *

    This Moscow newspaper is in Russian only.

  • Magazines

  • Access Russia & Central Europe, and Russian Life Magazine *

    The Russian Information Services Publications home page, features (1) "Access Russia & Central Europe", an on-line catalog of over 300 publications and products related to travel and doing business in Russia, the FSU and Central Europe, (2) "Russian Life" magazine, information about and excerpts from the leading magazine of Russian culture, history, business and travel and, (3) "Russia Review" magazine, distributed in the US by RIS and a definitive source of business in Russia today.

  • Avtopilot Online *

    As one of the largest monthly car magazines in Russia, it targets the middle class car enthusiast with a variety of auto related subjects.

  • Cars@Web - Automobiles Magazine *

    This magazine for the car owner and lover is in Russian only.

  • The Bryansk Time Weekly *

    This is the mirror site of an independent newspaper of the Russian Southwest. (The orginal site is at http://www.btime.bryansk.ru/.)

  • Vestnik *

    This on-line version of "Vestnik", a Russian-American, Russian language biweekly magazine is an attractive and informative web site. The hardcopy is subscribed to by people in the U.S.A., Canada, Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, and Israel read and subscribe to "Vestnik".

  • The World of History *

    Russian electronic journal, devoted to the problems of Russian history. Information about historical conferences and links to the Russian and foreign historical resources on Internet are also available on this site.

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